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Предыдущие серии панелей оператора

UniOP Legacy

The UniOP family, currently available in over 100 different models, is presented with a range of HMI devices easily programmable with the Designer software configuration. This allows both the complete adaptability with varied industrial equipment in different application fields and a substantial reduction in cost for the creation of applications and their maintenance.


Main Features:

  • Programming via the historic Designer software
  • Support for a full range of communication drivers for all types of PLC
  • Display data in чисельного form, bar, for analog gauges and images
  • Data acquisition and trend visualization
  • Recipe data storage
  • Multilingual Applications
  • Password
  • Alarm handling
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Report printing to USB printer
  • Optional IEC 61131-3 Soft PLC (CODESYS)
  • Rich library symbol

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