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Серія 500W

eTOP500W Open Platform

The UniOP eTOP Series 500W HMI products combine state-of-the-art features and top performance with an oustanding design. They are the ideal choice for all demanding HMI applications including factory and building automation. These products are a cost-effective and low-power requirement platform for delivering applications based on Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 R3 PRO.


Main Features:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Innovative mechanical design and all metal enclosure
  • Available in different sizes from 4.3“ to 15“
  • High-performance touchscreen HMI's
  • Brilliant displays with LED technology all in full color
  • Gateway function, remote installation of application and remote assistance
  • Ethernet, USB, serial ports
  • Optional plug-in modules
  • Support SD Card
  • Coating on all Electronic Boards
  • Front available in three colors (White/Black/Silver)
  • Special versions for special applications

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